Sunny River

Photographer | Filmer

Sunny River Is a Travel & Lifestyle Photographer

Sunny River grew up in a motor home, endlessly traversing the expansive and diverse landscapes of Australia. This rich life of travel exposed him to unique and varying perspectives on life, engraining into him an astonishing and noteworthy eye for beauty and form.

Inspired by his surroundings, photography and videography over time would become a part of his everyday life. By simply having his camera with him where ever he went, Sunny became impassioned in creating visual records of all his memories to be revisited, striving to capture the reality and story of a place.

Today, Sunny River is a commercial photographer and film maker based on the Gold Coast

of Australia, specialising in lifestyle and travel projects.

His imagery portrays a location or an event in a way that brings to light the quintessence of the destination, revealing the most important details and encapsulating the uniques of those junctures in life that comes with a pleasant surprise.

Sunny’s style is immediate, spontaneous and unobtrusive; fusing him and his camera to projects in a manner that comprehensively covers the subject matter, so viewers may become enveloped by the sense of what it is like to be right there, in the moment.


Expand your mind, change your lense of perception.

Sunny River

Sunny River offers tailored visual packages suited to advertising campaigns, editorials, documentaries and Virtual Reality projects: in the air and on the ground, anywhere in the world.

This combined with a customised range of camera equipment, drone platforms, state of the art camera stability technology and 100% redundancy on all equipment, makes for a result that always beats the brief.
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The interesting jobs are the ones that you make up.

Sunny River

Driven by a deep passion for the photo and film mediums, Sunny has established a foothold in the Australasian region as a reputable professional entrusted by local and international brands to create and market content that connects businesses with core audiences through compelling visual stimuli.

He works closely with businesses to construct and execute a brand experience that exposes his clientele to niche markets in a way that clearly communicates their value proposition, engages consumer bases, successfully increases online traffic and ultimately sales revenue.

Smart phones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others on a more personal level or collect information easier and faster than ever before…

Sunny River

As Sunny has grown as a professional, so has his social media networks and online presence, enabling him to offer clients the opportunity to leverage their promotions and advertising strategies off his own audiences; allowing brands a place in the heart of the most desirable target audiences and market segments in the travel and lifestyle industries.
Sunny’s audience is a highly active and passionate community, who all share a love for travel,

exploration, the great outdoors, holiday escapes and enjoy learning about the latest and greatest within these sectors. From stunning locations to impressive gadgetry, they are informed and involved and, with the aid of this audience, there are many opportunities to expose or introduce your brand to a global following all looking to be impressed.


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